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Hungry Hippo Chow Down

Hungry Hippo Chow Down


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Setup Area: Length: 32' Width: 32' Height: 8'

Actual Size: Length: 30' Width: 30' Height: 6'

Outlets: 2


Hungry Hippo Chow Down


Welcome to the wildly entertaining world of the Hungry Hippo inflatable game! Get ready for an uproarious experience that brings a classic board game to life in an exciting and interactive way. This larger-than-life attraction is designed to captivate players of all ages, creating an atmosphere of laughter, competition, and sheer joy.

Imagine a vibrant and colorful inflatable arena that mimics the habitat of the hippopotamus. The centerpiece of the game features a gigantic, open-mouthed hippo, eagerly waiting to devour as many colorful balls as possible. The objective is simple: channel your inner hippo and gather as many balls as you can while navigating the inflatable playing field.

Each player takes on the persona of a hungry hippo, lying at the edge of the arena. As the game begins, a multitude of brightly colored balls are released into the center. Players then race towards the center, using their hands or bodies to scoop up the balls and deposit them into their designated storage area. The player with the most balls in their storage area at the end of the game emerges victorious.

The Hungry Hippo inflatable game is more than just a competition – it's a spectacle of energetic movement and hilarity. The oversized dimensions of the arena ensure that players bounce, jump, and slide, adding an extra layer of physical activity and excitement to the game. Laughter and cheers fill the air as participants scramble to gather balls, often bumping into each other in good-natured competition.

This game is not only perfect for private parties and gatherings but also a fantastic addition to larger events like festivals, carnivals, school fundraisers, and corporate team-building activities. It encourages friendly rivalry, teamwork, and healthy competition in a way that's engaging for all involved.


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